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Oroville Proposed Service Changes

Below is a detailed description of proposed service changes to each of the Oroville routes.


Route 25 Feather River Boulevard
Route 25 provides service from the Oroville Transit Center to Walmart and the retail area along Feather River Boulevard in the southwest part of the city. Under this plan, the route will operate in a bi-directional manner along the existing service on Feather River, Mitchell Avenue to the DMV, north on 5th Avenue to Robinson Street and Lincoln Street to the Transit Center. The route will follow the same routing in the outbound direction back to Feather River and Walmart. The route will no longer

Oroville Routing Map

serve the Oro Dam corridor (which will be served by Route 27).

Route 26 Orange Avenue
The revised Route 26 extends the existing loop along Orange Avenue, Canyon Highlands Drive, and Bridge Street to service the Oroville High School, as well as the retail and residential in that area. The route connects to other routes at the transit center. It is interlined with the Route 25 and 27.

Route 27 Oro Dam/Veatch
Route 27 will serve the segment of Oro Dam Boulevard between the Transit Center and Veatch Street, including FoodMaxx and Las Plumas Plaza. The route will travel in a small loop to provide service along Oro Dam and connect back to the Transit Center for connections to other routes. The route will be interlined with Routes 25 and 26.

West Microtransit Zone
The existing Route 24 which serves the Thermalito area has very low ridership and productivity. Under this plan a West Zone encompassing the Thermalito area will be operated as a combined paratransit and general public demand response service. The service in the zone will connect riders from Thermalito to areas in central Oroville for transfer opportunities to other routes and zones. Fares for all microtransit zones will be consistent with the fixed route fares.


Southeast Microtransit Zone
The Southeast Zone provides service to the areas along Olive Highway (as far east as Gold Country Casino) and along Lincoln Street and Lower Wyandotte Road as far south as Monte Vista Avenue, serving the areas currently served by Route 27 and Route 26 (that will no longer operate on Olive Highway). The zone will also cover Las Plumas High School, Gold Country Casino and connect to the Transit Center for transfer opportunities. Passengers will also be able to travel to/from the Oroville Transit center to connect with fixed routes or other microtransit zones. Route 30 will also continue to serve the southern portion of this zone.

North Microtransit Zone
The North Microtransit Zone will share a vehicle with the Southeast Microtransit Zone. The zone will provide microtransit service to County Center Road and Grand Avenue area. This will take over for the discontinued portion of the existing Route 24. Trips to and from the Oroville Transit Center will also be accommodated to allow transfers to the fixed routes. Note that Route 20 will continue to serve this area on a more direct route.

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